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MONTHLY, recurring USD70
QUARTERLY, recurring USD195
Recurring Support Packages (Monthly or Quarterly)
Get priority help with your oscommerce, loaded commerce or opencart store quickly. Choose from Support70 or Support195 and get fast support should your store go down, a breakage occur or simple tweaks required to the code that can be done within a couple of hours.

Last Updated: May 2014

What they are:

Get priority support from CMH for your oscommerce, loaded commerce or opencart store.
Includes: fixing basic breakages and internal error type site outages, store uptime monitoring, database optimisation, modification proposals / feasibility – whatever you can fit into 2 hours per month.

Easy to setup, using recurring billing through Paypal.

How much:

Support70: USD70/month, recurring billing through Paypal.
Support195: USD195/for 3 months* (quarterly), recurring billing through Paypal.

What’s included?

2 hours of email support (that also may include site-specific checks and minor coding) per month.

’2 hours per month?’

Each month, your Support package entitles you to 2 hours of support.

** There are no refunds on unused credit and Support is non-transferable between months and customers.

‘Site checks and minor coding’

For some queries I get I check your store to see what code is being run – in some cases I’ve done the upgrade so know the code well! Naturally this takes times. If the query is a simple tweak to a color or layout object, and doesn’t qualify as a Quotable Job, then it’ll be done under the Support package.

What things does Support70/195 cover?

Support is provided mostly for the oscommerce, loaded commerce, opencart php scripts you’re running, including the use, functionality and layout of your oscommerce-based cart (eg Cre Loaded, osCommerce, zen-cart or oscmax), Loaded Commerce series 7 or Opencart 1.x store. It doesn’t usually include any issues that are server-related or that require your hosting company or a server administrator to intervene.

I’m happy to reply to questions about more generic topics such as seo optimization, server configurations, choice of payment gateways, finding the best hosting company etc but these will all qualify as support time and you may be better posting questions like this to a forum.

Any queries that are site-specific, actionable and clearly involve work beyond basic support or minor tweaks, I will reply with a Job Quote. I would recommend making a list of jobs for the month as well, rather than single tasks, as this usually works out cheaper for you.

When does the Support start?

From the time of purchase and expiring after either one (Support70) or three calendar months (Support195) later. Recurring Support Packages will be effective from the time of the expiration of the previous package.


Payment is made in advance in all cases. All Support Packages are purchased via Paypal and are RECURRING charges.

Cancellation / suspension of Support:

As Support Packages are recurring payments made in advance, these can be cancelled or suspended by you before the next billing period and support will end on expiration of that period. Please note that there are no refunds. I also reserve the right to terminate a Support Package in the event of unreasonable demands or really annoying behaviour towards me that generally causes a loss of goodwill by me towards the customer.

In the situation of foreseeable events (eg store offline, owner holidays), I’d recommend purchasing a Support70 package. Please note that this will mean any email queries made during a period without Support will be answered alongside ‘non-support’ queries.

If CMH is unable to fulfill its obligations under the scheme, or the scheme is withdrawn by me, you will be entitled to a refund of that month’s (in the case of Support70) or quarter’s (in the case of Support195) payment on a pro rate basis (ie taking into account the amount of time already used within the month.)

Please Contact Me if you have any further questions.

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