cre loaded – how to change the menu links in the navbar

Here’s how to edit the navigation menu at the top of your Cre Loaded store.

The default menu bar in the cre63_ats template (which is a stock Cre Loaded template) looks like this:

Removing a link
Find the file /templates/cre63_ats/header.php and make a backup of this first. Then edit the copy, looking for this code at around line 80:

Let’s remove the ‘Specials’ link. Find this code (top) and comment it out (bottom):

(Note that the ‘Specials’ link also has a divider image after it, so this is why both lines are commented out.)

The other thing to change is the width of the table containing the links – if you don’t then the remaining links will get ‘stretched out’ to fill the original fixed width of 440px:

change to