oscommerce – how to upgrade from v2.2 to v2.3.x

Oscommerce version 2.3 has finally been released, and the improvements over the tired old version 2.2 are good. The main advance is how it looks and handles – there aren’t many new features in the frontend. On the admin side, security improvements have been the focus, with a couple of new features added in.

screenshot of osCommerce version 2.3 frontend

  • Looks cleaner, loads faster.
  • Reviews system is tidied up.
  • Includes social bookmark links.
  • Version Tracker – easy to check if you’ve got the latest version.
  • Security improvements, additions
    Password protection of admin folder; timeout and restricted login attempts if incorrect login details used.
    Action Recorder – keeps a log of details of 3 different areas of the Store: Admin login attempts; Contact Us emails; and Tell A Friend emails.
    Folder Permissions checker – with recommendations of what permission settings should be for each folder.
    Various improvements to session and form handling, password encryption, url cleaning, htaccess implementations etc.

If you’re upgrading from an old oCommerce version 2.2 Store, the steps are simple:

  1. Download a copy of the Upgrade Guide from osCommerce
  2. Update your osCommerce v2.2 database by running the several groups of mySQL statements
    These include statements that change field lengths to existing tables, plus the installation of new tables for the Action Recorder, Directory Permissions checker and Password encryption.
  3. Install the latest osCommerce 2.3.x version as a new Store
    The download is available from the osCommerce Download page.

Before upgrading … please consider the template(s) and other modifications you are currently running. There is a chance they might break in a new osCommerce v2.3.x store.