cre loaded – how to use shipping zones for free shipping

If you want to restrict the conditions of a shipping module to a specific state or county then you can do this by creating a Shipping Zone and attaching this to the shipping module.

Step 1: create a Zone

Go to the Admin panel >> Locations/Taxes >> Zones … New Zone button (bottom)
This example shows the entry for the state of Victoria in Australia.

Cre Loaded has Zones set up for several countries already, including the US, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

If your region doesn’t use 2 or 3-letter codes, just retype the Zone name again.

Click Insert when completed.

The sql statements for automatically setting up Zones for Australia are available here

Step 2: create a Tax Zone

Go to the Admin panel >> Locations/Taxes >> Tax Zones … Insert button (on right)
This is where the label for the Shipping Zone is created. You don’t have to use a geographic location as the Tax Zone title – for instance you could create a Tax Zone called ‘Free Shipping Regions.’ All of the applicable regions could be added to this label.

Complete and click Insert.

Step 3: add the Country & Region to the Tax Zone

With the Tax Zone selected (yellow) click the Details button on right.
Next, click insert and choose the Country, then from the dropdown below it, choose the region (in this case, Victoria.)

Click Insert again.

(Repeat Step 3 for each region you want to add to ‘Free Shipping Regions.’ When done continue to Step 4.)

Step 4: attach Shipping Zone to the shipping module

Go to the Admin panel >> Modules >> Shipping >> and the shipping module you want to add the Shipping Zone to.

In the example I’ve used the Free Shipper shipping module and chosen ‘Free Shipping Regions’ from the Shipping Zone dropdown.

Click Update to finish.

Result – when a customer with a Delivery Address State/County of ‘Victoria’ makes a purchase, the shipping module settings (in this case free shipping over $50) will be applied.