cre loaded – how to reset your admin password, email address

Forgetting or losing a password can be a real nuisance. Email accounts can also be closed over time, which makes it tricky if its your login email address.
If you find yourself locked out of your Cre Loaded admin panel, it can mean problems for your business. Here are several ways to get back into your admin:

1. Use the ‘Password forgotten’ link from the Login screen (most obvious)
Click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link:
screenshot of the cre loaded 6.4.1a login screen

… and you’ll be asked for an Admin email address:
screenshot of cre loaded 6.4.1a admin email address request

A generated password will be sent the email address entered above. Change this to your new password once you login.

2. Contact Cre Loaded Support (most expensive)
If you have a valid order for support with them (included free for one year after purchase of the Pro or B2B cart software) you can contact them for assistance in resetting your email address and / or password. You’d need to –

  1. Email support @ your order number, hosting control panel access and the email address or username and password you want your store reset to and they will do this.
  2. If you don’t have support remaining, or you are using the free CE version, you can purchase support from them – at the time of writing this, options were priced from USD50 for one week or from USD99 for one year depending on your version and requirements.

3. Dead email address & forgotten password: time to edit the database (most hands-on)
If you’re not happy about editing your database then Contact Me and I can help.

If you have an inactive email address as a login, then you need to access the database (through your control panel or mysql utility like phpMyAdmin):

  • Access the database and edit the ‘Admin’ table
  • Replace the admin_email_address field with a new active email address
  • Save and use the ‘Forgotten Password’ step #1 above to login to your Admin.

If you want to replace your password at the same time (you must have an md5 encrypted password to enter here – if not, forget it!):

  • Access the database and edit the ‘Admin’ table
  • Replace the admin_password field with an encrypted password that you know the decryption of
  • Save and login to Admin panel to test

screenshot of encrypted admin password field in Cre Loaded database

Make sure that you replace the temporary password with your own. Ideally your password should contain at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter and numbers and be at least 8 characters long. If you want to use a secure password generator for this then I’d recommend the PCTools Secure Password Generator.

If you’re unsure about doing this yourself then Contact Me and I can complete this for you in a few minutes.