This free to download version of SiteMonitor is based on a contribution written by Jack_mcs and modified by pyramids for cre loaded in 2006. This version updated April 2011.

What it does:
SiteMonitor emails you any changes to the files and folders you specify to monitor. It compares various file details with a reference file created at installation and if the current file details don’t match the reference, off goes the email to you. After creating the reference file, SM is best run as a cronjob daily.

How it works:
SM takes a snapshot (reference.txt) of files and folders specified by you and compares this to the current details of your files and folders.
SM watches for -

  • any new files to monitored folders
  • any deletions
  • any changes in file size
  • any changes in permission settings
  • any time stamp mismatches (so watching for file changes even if size kept the same)

SM can also be used to journal changes you make to your own website, as it writes all details to log.txt.

This version:
This version of SiteMonitor does not have the Admin interface of the original contribution by jack_mcs, which means you must hardcode the settings in the SM file first before running it. However the advantage here is that there is only 1 file to deal with – all of the functions etc have been combined into one script.

SM is also ideally run as a cronjob (an automated server process that you set and forget.)

The downloadable .zip (37KB) contains:

  1. sitemonitor files in their directory structure (the main programme)
  2. SM_instructions.txt (a short list of instructions, plus example reference file, log file, and email message)
  3. Version Checker (so you can keep up-to-date with new releases)

Fill out your name, email address to receive an email with the download link (37KB, zip file):
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