cre loaded – how to update from version 6.4.0 to version 6.4.1

This process is best described as ‘updating’ and I’d only recommend doing this between minor versions in sequence – eg 6.3.1 -> 6.3.2, or 6.4.0 -> 6.4.1. If you’re going to jump from 6.3.x to 6.4.x I’d recommend reading up on how to upgrade between major versions.

‘Updating’ means:

  • your store’s current database gets updated by any changes in the update update patch for the database
  • you manually overwrite your old store’s files and folders using the folders/files from the update
  • you don’t have to create a new blank database or change permissions on folders/files

Sounds straight forward? Should be, but the 6.4.0 -> 6.4.1 update isn’t for some.
Here are the steps I used:

Step 1: make sure you download and extract the correct update to your computer (this is a Pro version update example)

choose the correct cre loaded update example pro version

After extracting the contents from the patch itself, you should have and a pdf Guide to Installation. Delete this guide as nothing in it applies to Updating, only Upgrading. Instead go to the Cre Loaded site and scan the only information they give on the Updating process: Here is Cre Loaded’s official document on updating.

Step 2: backup your current database and store
There are a couple of reasons for doing this – the obvious (if you stuff up the update, you’ve still got the original files) but also if you have a modified site you may lose some or all of these modifications in the update (so you’ll need your originals to get back on track.)

Step 3: upload and overwrite your store’s folders and files as per the update

Step 4: type the url to your store with /upgrade on the end – eg

This will bring up the update page – confusingly called the ‘Upgrade Wizard’ with blah about versions 6.2 and 6.3 and no mention of 6.4.0.

cre loaded update upgrade screen

Once you click the big blue Update button you might be lucky and get this:

You have successfully updated your Cre Loaded database

… or like me, you’ll get this ominous screen of fail:

cre loaded configuration files error on update

Why the ‘Existing configuration files cannot be accessed’ message? Because when Cre wrote the upgrade scripts, they assumed that everyone’s Admin folder is called, well, ‘Admin.’ But if you’ve decided to make hackers work a little harder and renamed your store’s Admin folder to something other than ‘Admin’, this is why you’re seeing this error.

How to fix this: here’s the top part of the script that is at fault:



The lines you need to edit are 29, 30 and 34, replacing the word ‘youradminfolder’ with the actual name of your admin folder.
Try Step 4 again and your database should be successfully updated.

Maybe next time Cre will create a better updater … please.