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Q:- What is youth stage
    There will be a few consequent trunk streams but few large tributaries. Numerous short tributaries and gullies will be extending themselves by headward erosion and developing valley systems.
    Valleys will have V-shaped cross profiles and will be shallow or deep depending upon height of region above the sea  level.
    There will be a general lack of floodplain development except along trunk streams, and valley  sides will rise from near the streams edges.
    Interstream  tracts may be extensive and poorly drained. Lakes and swamps may exist in interstream areas if these areas are not well above the local base level.
    Waterfalls, cataracts and rapids may exist where stream courses cross beds of particularly resistant rock. They are most typical of early youth and will have disappeared before maturity is attained.
    Stream-divides (water divides) will be broad and poorly defined.
    Valleys are v-shaped, characterized by convex valley side slopes. The overall valleys-form is gorge or canyon.
    Stream meandering may exist in youth.
    The main river is graded.

10.    The duration of youth stage is comparatively short.

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