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Q:- What is structure
The word ‘structure’ has been used by Davis in a wider sense. It does not include only the regional geological structure (folds, faults, etc.) but also the nature of rocks and their physical and chemical properties, their permeability and solubility, the nature of joints, beddings and cleavage, etc. Thus, on a permeable rock, there will be minimum run-off and so erosion by running water will be slower than on an adjacent impermeable rock. Soft shales erode more readily than massive quartzite, while a rock of limestone or gypsum will undergo solution by underground water, in addition to being modified by any surface stream. As a rule, the influence of rocks on landscape is quite significant. Moreover the structure, as a rule, is older than the landscape, and provides a base for the operation of the various gradational processes which give rise to new sequential landforms .
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