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Q:- Describe pencks model of evalution of landforms
Penck  was a German and his theory about the evolution of landforms could not become popular outside Jermany owing to the difficult technical terminology he used in his model. His terminology was ill-defined, vague, obscure and at places and at some places contradictory. It was because of these reasons that his model was not properly interpreted by the English translators.

  Penck’s  model of evolution of landforms was severely criticized by the American geomorphologiests. Penck’s concepts of parallel retreat of slope and continued crustal movement5s were not acceptable to the American experts. His concepts of long continued upliftment and tectonic speculations could not find any support. Penck has drown our attention to some of the weakness of Devis; model, but there are practical difficulties in accepting Penck’s concept as an alternative to the concept of Davis. Credit, however, should be given to Penck who has put forward a new viewpoint and indicated a new possible direction of investigation. His concepts of slope development and weathering processes are thus of much geomorphological significance.

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